Fern Factor is a specialist fern nursery located in Christchurch. We have a huge variety of ferns, including ground ferns, tree ferns, native ferns and exotic ferns.

Please email us on ferns@fernfactor.co.nz to order your ferns.

Our ferns

Aotearoa’s unique flora is adorned with a great selection of ferns. These unique plants give a special presence to our environs. Their varied form & texture help soften & enhance many spaces. Ferns fi ll many niches in the environs, from building soil & creating seedbeds on open sites for native plants to succession thru, to clothing deep dark banks in forests & everything in between.

Check our catalogue for species & details.

Asplenium Lyalli fern

Ground Ferns

Smooth Shield Fern (Lastreopsis glabella)

Revegetation and Pioneer Ferns

Paesia scaberula fern

Tree Ferns

Silver fern ponga - tree fern

Exotic Ferns

Dry Wallichiana exotic fern

The role of ferns in your garden

From towering tree ferns to small ground ferns, the fern flora has been here right from the start. For, 650 million years ago when it rained 24/7, this plant group started to clothe planet earth by developing a way to reproduce with the aid of moisture to do the magic.

The most ubiquitous plant on the planet is a fern, our Rarauwhe, Pteridium esculentum or bracken fern, is found on every continent except Antarctica. Its rhizomes were the traditional food source, Aruhe. It quickly colonises burned or disturbed ground throughout Aotearoa NZ.

Nature needs to fill such voids to protect the all-precious soil. This is where the array of colonising or pioneer ferns play their part.

The diverse fern flora of today is here to be appreciated & used in all our environs, moist and dry, in the open and as understory, and, from a small garden space to a large restoration project.

Have a look at our publication section to familiarise yourself with some of the many places our beautiful fern flora can be used.